Raised in the lower heart of Florence, Colorado and now residing in Portland, Oregon, King Marc is an artist that truly embodies what makes independent music special. A multi-genre bending creative that includes the likes of Electronic, Alternative, Pop, & several other combinations in their library, King Marc never fails to expand.


King Marc is not only creating new sounds for the masses but also keeping true to what they enjoy creating musically on a consistent basis and never settles for one type of sound. Influenced by the likes of Yung Lean, Lil Soda Boi, Oliver Francis, Lil Aaron, DJ Lucas, Sewerperson/9tails, Swaine, Convolk, and many others, King Marc is a versatile artist when it comes to their musical releases.


Art doesn’t stop at Music for King Marc, an avid creator and artist involved in the likes of Mycology, Digital Art, Yo-Yo & Video Games. They’re consistently showing why artists and creators should break out of their shell, their influence and passion for other creative projects is one of King Marc’s greatest advantages when it comes to being an underground creative.


In 2022, King Marc has already featured on several live podcast reviews and playlists for their music, as well as releasing new sounds on a consistent basis. The year is bright for King Marc as they have plans for several more full length releases, new clothing merchandise, and many more projects that will truly surprise you.


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Written by: Zomb Slays, Writer, Producer & Digital Media Management.